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To become a Muslim, you have to survive a thorough and intellectual journey of comprehending and accepting the basics, practices, and rituals of the Islamic religion. Your spiritual journey as a Muslim can be enhanced by gaining knowledge about the Islamic religion, seeking support, adhering to religious teachings, and fostering spiritual and personal development.

Muslimi Academy provides a chance for new Muslims to learn about Islam, the rituals and five Islamic pillars, and comprehensive guidance with the aim of establishing a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge. So, you can achieve this spiritual journey and live a meaningful and purposeful life through enrolling in Muslimi Academy which will enable you to gain and practice Islamic principles. Our academy offers a wide variety of interactive online classes that guarantee to meet what you need through your journey of spiritual growth to become a Muslim.

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Prophet Muhammed said: “Islam erases what occurred before it, and repentance erases what occurs before it.”

Uttering shahada as the first step to become a Muslim

To become a Muslim, you have to take shahada according to Islamic teachings by saying ”Ash-hadu alla ilaha illa-Allah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Rasul-Allah.”. Taking the shahada is the most crucial step.

The Shahada is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam and a statement of faith in Islam. This declaration affirms that one believes in the prophet Muhammad and the truth of the Divine Oneness that includes all aspects of the Islamic faith and practice. Thus, this statement of faith is very important to Muslims because it is the core of the Islamic faith.

Muslim Academy, the best online Islamic School, provides a convenient and easy approach to learning about the Islamic religion and take. shahada with qualified tutors who have graduated from Al-Azhar University and other certified Islamic universities. For individuals who are interested in enhancing comprehension of their religion or even if you are wishing to convert to become a Muslim, Muslimi Academy offers a smooth, interactive, and educational experience through an Islamic studies courses.

people who are interested in converting to Islam can do that so easily and conveniently by taking Shahada online with our tutors at Muslimi Academy. Take the initial step toward accepting Islam and starting your spiritual path right now without hesitation.

Personal reflection on religion and faith.

Through mediation and self-reflection, you will feel a significant sense of inner peace. By engaging in mindfulness practices and introspection, you will discover your actual life purpose.  Although the path of personal growth is not always easy, the outcomes are considerable.

Self-reflection mediation can be considered as a spiritual journey which has a deep effect on the faith and belief of the human being. Conversion process in this journey starts with many questions that can be raised in the mind gradually. These questions are usually about contemplating in the existence of a higher power that create this universe, the purpose of creating the universe and contemplating of the afterlife. Thus, this spiritual journey allows personal growth and helps enhance the core values of Islam through mediation.

Spiritual development through lifelong dedication of worship.

Islam’s rituals have a great impact on humans because they offer the soul a very nice spiritual environment. Since prayer (salat) is the greatest dhikr, it is believed that prayer moves a person’s soul from this world to a spiritual one. Because the prayer is so specific, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) remarked to Bilal at the azan “(0 Bilal) stand up, make us quiet by azan.” According to Muhammad Iqbal, the timing of the daily prayer is meant to protect the ego from the mechanizing impact and restore self-possession to it by bringing it into closer contact with the ultimate source of life and freedom.

The secret to enhance a strong spiritual bond with Allah is the progressive incorporation of acts of worship and devotion, such as extra prayers (nafl), supplications (Duas) which is one of the most powerful acts that connect us directly to Allah, and frequent recitation and meditation of the Qur’an to reach the stage of Al Tadabbur. At Muslimi Academy, you can enroll in the course of Quran Recitation which will help you to recite the Quran with Tajweed properly. Reciting the Quran is an essential component as it is a pillar of completing our Salah (prayer). So, it’s essential to learn Quran recitation for our prayer as well as strengthening our faith.

Understanding the five pillars of Islam to become a Muslim.

The word Islam means ”surrender” in Arabic, which denotes surrendering to the one and the only God, Allah. To become a Muslim, you have to follow the five principles of Islam:

  1. Shahada: to declare one’s faith in the one and only God as well as belief in Muhammed as his messenger.
  2. Salat: to pray five times a day.
  3. Zakat: to give to people who are in need.
  4. Sawm: to fast one month in the year which is called the month of Ramadan.
  5. Hajj: to make a pilgrimage in Mecca.

The two major sources of Islam that we can depend on to understand the Islamic religion are the Quran which is the sacred scripture of Allah’s words that was revealed orally to his messenger Muhammed through the archangel Gabriel.

Learning and practicing the religious duties to become a Muslim.

Observing the religious duties that instituted by God is our means of attaining certainty. So, learning and practicing the basics of Islam is essential in order to become a Muslim. Learning about the religious duties of prayer, fasting, and other religious rituals is crucial for every Muslim, especially person who is new to Islam. Enrolling in Muslimi Academy is the best way to learn and practice the Islamic basics with well-qualified and experienced tutors who have graduated from Al Azhar University and other certified Islamic universities.

Muslimi Academy provides you with classes in Islamic studies which will guarantee that these basic rituals of Islamic worship will be implemented and practiced correctly. Ritual practices—such as prayer, zakat, sawm, and ablution—are the most important pillars of Islamic worship that you have to learn in order to become a Muslim.

Seeking a meaningful support and guidance through Muslimi Academy.

It is crucial to seek assistance and support during your conversion into the Islamic religion because in this stage you need an authentic source in order to gain the true teachings of Islam. Muslim Academy is the ideal choice to learn the Islamic principles online through a knowledgeable community and competent tutors who provide support, and guidance on matters pertaining to faith, participation in interfaith dialogues as well as answering any question related to any religious issue.

Enrolling in our academy will provide you with a strong sense of belonging to an Islamic community that is enhanced by taking part in Islamic classes, interactive activities, and practicing with the tutor. So, seeking a support is considered a crucial step because embracing the support from knowledgeable persons empower you to overcome the challenges that face you in your spiritual journey to become a Muslim.


To become a Muslim- in contrast to other religions- is quite easy. There are no requirements of age, country, gender, or any other specific conditions to become a Muslim. Declaring the shahada or testimony of faith is the first step towards becoming a Muslim. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in learning about Islam’s principles. New Muslims are welcomed in our academy as we have qualified tutors who can educate new Muslims the fundamentals of Islamic beliefs and practices through effective methods.

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