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Quran Memorization course

Quran Memorization classes online

Quran memorization course is one of the most important courses for Muslims who want to be one of the best people, as Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said ‘ the best of you are the ones who learn the Quran and teach it to others. Quran is the words of Allah, so to be closer to Him memorize his words. 

This course is developed for students M/F (kids and adults) who can read Arabic. Students who desire to memorize Allah’s book by heart or even part of it like small suras to use in their prayer can join a Quran memorization course to learn from professional teachers who hold Ijazah.

We have professional, dedicated, hard work and hafiz tutors who will help you to achieve your goals and give their help handing to memorize the words of Allah and save them between his ribs in his heart. 

Furthermore, It is a great opportunity to take this course that is presented by native Arab tutors who are characterized by careful and persistent in their work. 

Best Online Quran Memorization sessions

 Be one of the best people in this life and in the hereafter and start the journey that may lead you to paradise. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free trial lesson.

Online Quran School

Hifz the Quran

There are many Muslims who want to start memorizing the book of Allah by heart and then they think that it is hard because it’s long and it has 114 chapters. But, they are surprised when knowing that our students memorize the whole Quran between 3 to 6 years on average. It just relies on their dedication, perseverance, and continuation. 

Muslims who have completed the Holy Book will be rewarded in this life and the hereafter, too. This could push us to start memorizing it to get Allah’s rewards. 

Benefits of memorizing the Quran

The benefits of Quran recitation and memorization are many so we can’t count them. But we will mention some below:

  1. Quran protects people’s Souls and hearts from destruction. 
  2. Getting 10 rewards by reading just a letter from the Quran.
  3. Quran will help you in your life because memorizing the Quran will open all good doors for you which means you will have an easy life.
  4. Memorizing the Book of Allah is the way for getting all good in this life or in the hereafter. 
  5. People who recite the Quran will be in the company of the nobles and obedient angels who ask Allah SWT to forgive them. 
  6. Quran is a reference for whole Muslims in this life or in the hereafter. 
  7. The highest rank of Paradise is for Prophets, Quranic holders, and martyrs. 
  8. Quran memorization not only benefits the holder (the Hafiz) but also their parents too.

Don’t procrastinate to begin such an excellent course; it is an amazing and rewarding journey you need. It needs not more than a few seconds to book a trial lesson.

Recite Quran Smoothly

Quran Memorization Course

About Course

This course aims to help our students to start, continue, and memorize the Holy book in short a time they can as possible. Muslimi Academy’s staff tutors have graduated from great Islamic universities like Al-Azhar University which is renewed as the most prestigious university for Islamic learning.

  1. Our teaching staff always have the plan to encourage their students to continue by touching their development and progress by themselves. 

Muslimi Academy emphasizes the importance of learning the Quran and offers a wide variety of Quranic Arabic and Tajweed online classes for all ages even males or females (Kids and adults)

How does Hifz Quran Programme work?

  • Firstly, the student recites the last new ayas he took in the previous class and then reviews them in front of the teacher so he will be able to highlight his mistakes and correct them.
  • Secondly, the teacher recites the new ayas for the student, and the student repeats after him many times to know the proper pronunciation of Tajweed rules. 
  • Thirdly, the teacher explains one tajweed rule for him, recites the new ayas alone, and then requires the student to recite alone. 
  • At last, the teacher explains the interpretation of the new ayas, their revealed story, and their time in order to help the student to make the link between ayas and their Tafseer which makes memorization easier. 

Why this Quran Memorization course?

One of the best and most honor things for all Muslims is memorizing the Quran that helps them to be closer to Allah SWT, eases their lives, leads them to the light after bringing them out of the darkness of ignorance to the strait path, and opens all good doors for him. 

In addition,  It has a great effect on mental and spiritual health and capacity as it improves short and long memories and mental performance as shown by modern research.

This course was designed to be easy and suitable for all students of different ages even males or females to make the Quran memorization journey easy for anyone ambitious to start memorizing the Quran (the words of Allah SWT). 

We also conduct quizzes after finishing each Surah and exams after finishing each Juz` for more discipline and success.

Outcomes of Quran Memorization Course

  • Memorizing the whole Quran by heart or part of it by Tajweed. 
  • Understanding Tajweed rules theoretically and technically.
  • Understanding the meaning of the verses and Suras and the causes of their revelation.
  • Preparing students for the Ijazh course. 

Features of this Quran memorization course

  • Accepting students of all ages (early ages too)
  • Fun atmosphere learning
  • Learning by professional tutors

Course Prerequisite

To join this course, the student needs to be able to read Arabic and the Quran because the first step of memorizing the Quran is learning how to read Arabic. The course that modifies students to read is the Noorani Qaida course. 

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