The best Quran Courses

If you memorized Quran by heat and you want to teach Quan to your kids or family, so you need to be certified in Quran. Take Ijazah Course to be qualified in teaching Quran.

Ijazah is particularly affiliated with the transmission of Quranic knowledge. The license usually entails that the students accomplished this knowledge from the issuer of the Ijazah through first-hand oral didactic. Ijazah is one of Quran courses that are provided at Muslimi Academy.

Quran memorization course is one of Quran courses at Muslimi Academy, and it is one of the most important courses for Muslims who want to be one of the best people, as Quran is the words of Allah, so to be closer to Him memorize his words. 

Quran Recitation Course for all ages and levels.

Reciting the Quran is an integral component of our life as it is a pillar of completing Salah (prayer). There is a profound connection between Salah and reciting Quran as prayer is incomplete in case you don’t recite it properly. 

Tajweed Course

Reciting Quran Properly is an easy process just if you have learned Tajweed that helps you to know the correct pronunciation of each letter to beautify your recitation. Muslimi Academy Quran courses are represented by certified and Hafiz scholars.

10 Qiraat Quran online Course

Explore the rich tradition of Quranic recitation with our 10 Qiraat Quran Online Course. This course covers the ten authentic modes of Quranic recitation, each linked to renowned reciters. You will learn the history and significance of the Qiraat, unique phonetic characteristics, specific rules and techniques, and engage in practical recitation with expert feedback. 

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