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Learn classical Arabic online

Do you dream to speak Modern Standard Arabic fluently? Do you want to understand Fusha and communicate in Arabic? Do you want to understand the Quran and the Arabic heritage? Do you want to understand Arabic poetry? 

Muslimi Academy is the best place to learn Arabic online from your home. Muslimi Academy provides the best online Arabic course by native Arab tutors who hold certifications from famous universities like Al-Azhar University. Start your learning journey as you not only use it to communicate but also you can work in 26 countries easily and communicate with any Arab people who are counted 400 million. 

Fusha Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic is the classical Arabic language that is used in literature, academia, print, mass media, law, and legislation. It is the language that the Holy Quran was revealed, also prophet Muhammed and His companions were speaking. Modern Standard Arabic is a polycentric language. 

Learning Standard Arabic will help you to understand Quran, Sunnah, and Arabic literature. Don’t hesitate to book a trial lesson.

Classical Arabic Courses online

 Keep track of learning Arabic with the guidance of expert tutors and scholars for all levels and all ages who want to gain fluency in Arabic and look forward to uniqueness in Arabic reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

What is Modern Standard Arabic

About Modern Standard Arabic Online Course

This course has been designed to be suitable for all people who look forward to reaching the advanced level in the Arabic language by a scholar guide and his support materials and teaching methods that make your level up not in-game but in the Arabic language. 

Why learn Modern Standard Arabic?

This course is designed by Arab teachers who have wonderful experience in teaching non-Arabs. This course is suitable for all students at all levels and all ages as it is presented in an enjoyable and effective way. 


This level is divided into five levels to fix all problems of all students who learn Modern Standard Arabic either for traveling, working, or even for understanding the Holy Quran so don’t worry about the current level of Arabic Knowledge. 


This course focuses on the four Arabic language skills reading, writing, speaking, and listening. You will make a conversation with your teacher in the same class using the new words that you have learned in the previous classes and the present class too which means you will revise all the time the word, idioms, and expressions in every class. This course covers many daily topics like the weather, time, numbers, shopping, cooking, and at advanced levels topics from news, and Arabic business.

Learn Modern Standard Arabic Online

Classical Arabic Course levels
Fusha Arabic Course levels
  • Beginner

Animals, weather, Greeting, calling a friend, etc.

  • Elementary

sports, accepting an invitation to a party, traveling, etc.

  • Intermediate

Job interviews, occasions, dating, culture, news, and imparting insights.

  • Advanced 

Business, Quran interpretation, amusement, etc.

Outcomes of Modern Standard Arabic Online Course

After this course, you will be able to 

  • Read Arabic Books, and newspapers and understand the main ideas of the topics. 
  • Communicate in standard Arabic on different topics.
  • You can work in any Arabic country if you want to work or travel to any with no fear of speaking.

Features of learning Arabic Fusha Online Course


This course is presented by very skillful teachers who have good experience in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. They have a degree from well-known Islamic Universities like Al-Azhr. They are Egyptians so you will learn from the Arabic tongue. Our well-qualified tutors are highly experienced in English that will help in learning Arabic easily. 

Customized Study Plan

We present the study plan according to each student and what is convenient for them. You can also put your plan after having an overview of this course from the tutor. We make learning easier as you can put your schedule according to your availability. 

Course precondition

If you want to join this course, you must have basic knowledge of Arabic reading and writing skills then you could easily join this course. Having the basics of the Arabic language is a necessity to start the conversational course.

Course Structure

Class Type: One-On-One

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Requirements: None

Age: 15– 70

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