Join Islamic Courses online to learn more about Islam

Join Islamic Courses Online

Islamic courses provide a profound opportunity to reconnect with your faith and understand the core principles of Islam. At Muslimi Academy, our comprehensive courses cater to learners at all levels, guiding you through a transformative journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Join us to deepen your knowledge and build a stronger connection with Allah.

Islamic Courses Online

Muslimi Academy aims to teach you the fundamentals of Islamic principles, Islamic doctrine, and Muslim beliefs. You can learn Islam’s teachings from the comfort of your home now by enrolling in Islamic Courses that we provide for you on our platform with highly qualified tutors. We hope that our free online Islamic course will help you gain a thorough insight into and enlightenment on the teachings of Islam.

 Online Islamic Courses Importance

Islamic courses are the best choice to change your life through reconnecting with Allah and the mission of his messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muslimi Academy provides a wide variety of Islamic Courses that offer a chance for every Muslim who resides in non-Muslim countries or new Muslim converts who would like to learn more about Islam and deepen their comprehension of Islam’s principles.

We aim to serve Islam through delivering the core values and fundamentals of Islam’s principles. So, with the assistance of our tutors, you will be able to explore Islamic history and comprehend the interpretation of Quran and its teachings.


Interactive Islamic Classes for Adults

The Islamic courses that we provide are more than just educational classes; they are a lifesaver in difficult times, protecting the person’s beliefs and fostering Imaan (faith). Therefore, enrolling in our Islamic courses is the best way to align your life with Islam’s teachings.

Our tailored curriculum at Muslimi Academy provides Islamic courses for both adults and kids with the aim of making Islamic knowledge more accessible and enabling people to understand Islam’s principles and shape their lives according to these ideals. The goal of our Islamic courses is to implant beautiful Islamic values in the learners so that they can become role models for future generations.

Learn Islamic through online courses and live a good life
“When Allah wishes good for anyone, He bestows upon him the Fiqh (comprehension) of the religion.”

Best Islamic courses for adults

Deep Understanding of Islamic Teachings

A deep understanding of Islamic teachings, particularly the Quran, Fiqh, Sunnah, and Hadith, is crucial for navigating the difficulties in a world full of temptation and deceit. Consequently, knowing about Islam is more than just gaining information; it is a way to establish a relationship with Almighty Allah and mold our lives according to Islamic values.

  1. Tafseer Course

Unveiling the depth of the Quran’s meanings: The Tafseer Course that we provide at Muslimi Academy seeks to help the learner comprehend the interpretation of the Holy Quran. This course mostly depends on decoding the meaning of the Quran. Consequently, it helps further understand the revelations and associated topics found in the Holy Book, as well as helping to establish a solid foundation in the Arabic language.

Moreover, through the Tafseer course offered by Muslimi Academy, adult Muslims can acquire a profound comprehension of the Quranic verses, including the historical context, understanding the wisdom of the Quranic verses, and applying the teachings of the Quranic text.

In addition, Tafseer provides a deep insight into the Quran’s words and ensures a more accurate comprehension of the Quranic text. Therefore, the Tafseer Course is the best way to understand what Allah Almighty said in the Holy Quran. Ultimately, understanding the Tafseer will enable you to boost your spiritual connection with Allah SWT, which will help you balance your life with the guidance of Allah.

2. Islamic Courses of Fiqh

 The Basis of the Islamic Legal System: Fiqh is considered the foundation of the Islamic legal system, or Islamic jurisprudence. It can be represented as an understanding of Islamic law as revealed in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. At Muslimi Academy, we provide a Fiqh Course that enables adult learners to differentiate between halal and haram foods and behaviors. Consequently, it helps adult Muslims gain a deep comprehension of Islamic teachings and influences them to live their lives according to Sharia law.

Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, our Islamic courses will deepen your understanding of the obligations and duties that Islam places on Muslims. Specifically, the Fiqh course will guide you in decoding Islamic morality, worship practices, and guidelines for interpersonal connections and behaviors.

Furthermore, our knowledgeable tutors will provide you with guidance in learning various principles, such as hadiths and Islamic principles, while offering examples from contemporary society to apply what you have learned. This will enable you to make well-informed, religious decisions in your life.

3. Islamic Courses of Aqeedah

Exploring the core Islamic faith: Enrolling in an Aqeedah course that we provide at Muslimi Academy allows you to improve your knowledge of the importance of Islamic concepts and fortify your Aqeedah. This course strengthens your understanding of the monotheistic faith concept which clarifies the unity of Allah Almighty (Tawheed), prophethood, angles, and the day of judgment.

A Muslim’s life is based on these core principles, which serve as a solid foundation for living an Islamic lifestyle and understanding the wisdom of this life and our actions.

4.Islamic Courses of Seerah

The life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): The Seerah course offered by Muslimi Academy takes you on an enjoyable experience through the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the most important person in humanity. You will know all of his commands, missions, behavior, and morality that are nothing more than the words and direction of Allah. Through this course, adult Muslims can develop a close connection with the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

5. Islamic courses of Hadeeth

Sayings and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): The life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a live illustration of the teachings of the Quran. With the guidance of our experienced tutors, you will understand the concepts of the Quran through the interpretation of the common quotes of the Prophet Muhammad, which are considered as rules of our life. Therefore, if you want to follow the path of Allah, you have to follow the approach of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) because it is the teachings of Allah.

Moreover, the Hadith course that we provide at Muslimi Academy assists kids and adults in forming a strong basis for the Islamic doctrine. Ultimately, the course will guide you to mold your life in accordance with the approach of the Prophet Muhammad.

Islamic Courses For Adults Structure

Class Type: one-on-one or Group Class

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

Requirements: None

Age: 10 _ 70 years

Deepening Faith through Islamic Principles

It is important for us as adults to deepen our faith and follow Islamic principles. Learners of Islamic courses embark on a life-changing journey that allows them to uncover their life’s purpose. Therefore, the Islamic courses we provide at Muslimi Academy will be a great chance for you to understand your religion deeply.

Muslimi Academy is a trustworthy source of guidance and delivers the right teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. In the midst of hardship, the Quran and Hadith nourish our faith and trust in Allah, acting as pillars of light that lead us to the right path in the darkest circumstances. So, don’t hesitate to book your free trial class.

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