Islamic studies courses

Islamic Studies Course

This is a comprehensive course that covers everything a Muslim should know about worship and Islam, including Aqedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Islamic History, Tafseer Quran, Manners, Ethics, and Azkar. We provide children and adults with the option of learning in a group study or a personalised session, which is beneficial in many ways because students stay motivated when they learn together.

New Muslim Converts Course
New Muslim Converts Course

Our experienced Egyptian Azhary teachers can introduce new Muslims to their new faith in a straightforward manner. MuslimiĀ  Academy provides a free trial lesson for converts to meet the teacher and begin learning about Islam. They are also encouraged to registerĀ  our Quran programme to begin their journey of learning Allah’s book. A new Muslim should be interested in learning more about his religion, performing the required rituals, and seeking out those who can guide him.

Tafseer Quran Course

Tafseer Quran course

This course is created particularly for Spoken English Muslims who want to enhance their Quran understanding and is instructed by Certified Native Arabic Instructors with good English skills. Teachers explain Quran interpretation to students using authentic Tafsir Books appropriate for all ages and levels. We teach you how to apply these benefits in your daily life in addition to teaching you about them. This Online Tafseer Course is also open to children.

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