Arabic Grammar Course online

Arabic Grammar Course will help you to make sentences in correct order, then you will speak Arabic fluently.

Arabic Grammar Rules

Do you want to join Arabic Grammar Course, but you don’t know where?

Do you know many words but you can’t make sentences in the right order?

You are in the right place, Muslimi Academy found the solution for all your problems and you will learn Arabic grammar in an easy and effective way, keep reading.

In fact, Language without Grammar is not understandable because you can’t form the sentences in the right order and you can’t understand poetry and Modern Standard Arabic if you don’t know the Arabic Grammar rules, you will not be able to understand Arabic and use it easily. 

But many people find it difficult to comprehend Arabic Grammar because a single word in Arabic has many meanings and usages. In Arabic, you will find many derivatives and each one has its usage that is why learning Arabic grammar gets slightly difficult. 

But it becomes more straightforward from now on!

Arabic Is for everyone

Muslimi Academy tutors’ staff will accompany you in your learning of Arabic. You will be surprised by the adroitness of our teachers and their ability to turn this difficulty through their experience, and methodologies of teaching Arabic online. Our tutors use customized study plans to find great development at your level. 

If you try to compare the Arabic Grammar Online Courses, you will find the Arabic Grammar course at Muslimi Academy is the best of our skillful and expert Arab teachers. Moreover, you can learn Arabic grammar course with the comparison of English Grammar to fix the information and remember them easily. 


Arabic Grammar online Course

About online Arabic Grammar Course

Arabic is the best language in this world for all Muslims because the Noble Quran is received in this language and it is the language of the most beloved prophet. This is the reason that makes almost of Muslims have the desire of learning Arabic. 

Therefore, Muslimi Academy provides the chance for all non-Arabs to learn the language of the Holy Quran (Arabic language) by our proficient and brilliant expert tutors. Their Arabic strategies will change your respect for Arabic because they use easy and wonderful ways to teach their children. Indeed, understanding Arabic grammar will enable you to understand the Quran and discover the linking between words of Quran verses. 

What is Arabic Grammar Course?

If anyone looks forward to learning a language, they might wonder how essential grammar is to learn the language. Grammar is censorious for learning Arabic. Arabic grammar is a set of rules that makes the language easy to comprehend. Grammar helps to speak and write any language properly. We have to use grammar to make sense of our words. Without using these rules, it would be impossible for us to understand any word or say anything at all.

Furthermore, Grammar is not just for knowing the usage of each word; it is also for understanding the linguistic pattern of any language. If learners know these patterns, they can speak Arabic properly without worrying about forgetting any rules. Understanding the grammar rules of the Arabic language makes it easier for learners to comprehend people’s speech either on Television or listening to an audiobook.

Arabic grammar is a fundamental part of the understanding of what they listen to and helps them to communicate appropriately. Arabic grammar includes the study of words, their structure, and their function. 

Additionally, Arabic grammar is a vital part of using this language as it allows speakers to express their thoughts adequately. It is not only for the study of words and their structure, but also it helps us to respond appropriately. Arabic grammar will help you to become a better communicator.

Quranic Arabic Grammar

Who Can Join the Quranic Arabic Grammar course?

In reality, joining the Quranic Arabic grammar course requires knowing Arabic reading, writing, and speaking. If you are a non-native Arab, you can’t join the advanced level of Quranic Arabic grammar course without joining one of our courses that is suitable to your level. Noorani Qaida’s course is to learn beginners how to read Arabic, Arabic Conversation Course for kids is for communication, and Modern Standard Arabic Course is for advanced levels. 

If you are a native Arabic speaker, it will be easier for you to join this level. But if you are still a beginner, tutors will help you to know some linguistic concepts before starting the advanced level.

This course includes several fields that will help you to understand Arabic and be a good communicator. These fields are (Grammar: نحو), (Morphology: صرف), (Etymology: الاشتقاق), (Phonetics: الصوتيات), (Pronunciation: النطق), (Reading: قراءة), (and writing: كتابة). All these aspects and more can help you to understand Quranic Arabic and speak fluently as well

Why to learn Arabic for business

As a matter of fact, you should learn Arabic grammar to achieve your goals either in your job, or school or to communicate with your customers and be a good negotiator, advocate, and translator as well. 

Our remotely in-person Arabic grammar and business courses are tailored to meet your business needs and aims. You will set a standard for your goal. 

Is there a single plan for taking an Arabic grammar course?

No, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to our courses. We have customized plans to fit your level and your goal. With Muslimi Academy, you will set the standard high.

Does Arabic grammar learning help in understanding the Quran?

Yes, learning Arabic grammar will help you understand the Quran because learning Arabic grammar will make you learn morphology and etymology which will help you learn the origin of words and their changeable history. 


All Muslims seek for understanding Quran especially if they are non-native speakers, but this requires a good guide for this journey. Muslimi Academy provides Passionate, caring, committed, and professional native Arab tutors to teach you Arabic skillfully. 

How does this course work?


-Choose your study plan 

Knowing your level is the first step to know the study plan you follow. Your tutor will guide you to realize your learning process. 

Start with fundamentals

If you don’t have any Arabic previous knowledge, starting with basics will be the best solution to begin your learning journey.

Use Arabic-English bilingual dictionary 

Students in the first levels need to use bilingual dictionaries to help them understand the meaning. At advanced levels, they will use a monolingual Arabic dictionary.

-Work on language skills

The best way to learn any language is to work on 4 skills reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These skills will allow an individual to communicate. 

Start now and get a trial lesson


Course Outcomes

  • All Parts of Speech in Arabic

  • All Tenses in Arabic

  • Formulating Simple Sentences

  • Command Verbs

  • Declension And In-Declension

  • Definite Nouns And Indefinite Nouns

  • Active And Passive Forms

  • The Nouns

  • The Verbs

  • The Vowels

  • The Pronouns Personal Pronouns

  • Possessive Pronouns

  • The Demonstrative Pronouns

  • The Relative Pronouns

  • Interrogative Pronouns

  • The Adjective Phrase

  • The Relative Phrase

  • The Demonstrative Phrase

  • The Genitive Phrase

  • Inseparable And Separable Prepositions

  • The Nominal Phrase

  • The Verbal Phrase

  • Pronunciation of Consonants

  • Conditional Sentences

  • The Imperfect Verb

  • Simplified Metaphors

Features of learning Arabic Fusha online Course

  • Instructors 

This course is presented by very skillful teachers who have good experience in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. They have a degree from well-known Islamic Universities like Al-Azhr. They are Egyptians so you will learn from the Arabic tongue. Our well-qualified tutors are highly experienced in English that will help in learning Arabic easily. 


  • Customized Study Plan

We present the study plan according to each student and what is convenient for them. You can also put your plan after having an overview of this course from the tutor. We make learning easier as you can put your schedule according to your availability. 


  • Course precondition

If you want to join this course, you must have basic knowledge of Arabic reading and writing skills then you could easily join this course. Having the basics of the Arabic language is a necessity to start the conversational course.

Course Structure

Class Type: One-On-One

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Requirements: None

Age: 15– 70


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