Arabic Kids Online Course

Arabic for Kids Course is designed for your kids to meet their needs in learning Arabic from Zero to advanced levels.

Arabic will give you an insight into other cultures

This course is created to help our kids in Arabic learning. Learning Arabic represents a huge challenge for all Muslims who live in non-muslim countries. Families find some serious impediments to learn their children Arabic as they can’t find an Arabic course that helps their kids to learn Arabic in the fattest and most effective way. The first and most fact problem is finding a professional native Arabic tutor at an affordable fee.

In addition, the good news is that Muslimi Academy has the perfect remedy for these problems with a staff of skilled and professional native Arab tutors who provide the best online Arabic online language course for your children with a dedicated program and curricula that completely help your children and meet their need what master and deepen them in the Arabic language in its brilliance.

Furthermore, this course improves Arabic reading, Arabic speaking, Arabic writing, and Quran recitation, the biggest dream of all Muslim parents is to make their children in touch with Arabic and Quran.

One of the most interactive Courses is Arabic for kids Course as it is designed to help kids to speak Arabic as the second language.
Arabic for Kids course

Arabic online Classes for kids

About Course

Indeed, Arabic for kids is a course that is designed to develop the individual and social qualities of children in learning Arabic. This course is presented by professional teachers through an effective curriculum and supported by age-appropriate activities, methods, and resources that focus on the needs of Arabic learners. 

Moreover, Arabic for kids course is elevated with techno-educational games to help in learning with fun. This course focuses on learning Arabic pronunciation, word formation, or derivation which has a significant role in expanding the vocabulary that helps them to communicate easily. Our course provides tools that help in the development of their cognitive skills like speaking, reading, writing, and listening too.

To improve their fluency, they will learn through stories to develop their fluency. They will learn through narrative photography by looking at pictures and describing them exactly. So what such a fantastic course that helps in learning Arabic using all skills in learning the language.

Why Take This Course?

The well-presented course covers a large scale of levels and ages in the most fruitful way possible and best effective ways of learning Arabic using e-learning tools. Your children will learn reading, writing, listening, and communicating in Arabic through Arabic for kids course. 

 The first aspect of this course aims to learn children the Arabic alphabet and its pronunciation, and the advanced aspect of this course aims to the fundamentals of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 

After fulfilling and completing this course, students will be able to write and communicate in Arabic fluently and memorize Quran by heart and Hadith as we used to use the best effective ways of learning. We develop and look forward to developing our curriculum and instructional design. Muslimi Academy provides the best Arabic courses for non-native speakers.

What Makes Muslimi Academy the best choice for your kids?

  • Accepting Early Ages

Learning a new language at an early age promotes healthy development, and social benefits far last a lifetime. Learning a second language like Arabic makes younger learners uninhibited from making mistakes which is sometimes an obstacle for older beginners.

  • Fun & attractive Atmosphere

We at Muslimi Academy, are interested in making fun of learning Arabic. As we know children tend to pay attention to new things especially when the things are fun and engaging, so we try to do our best to put the process into a game as we believe that serious learning is boring and has a lack of interest. 

  • Validated Native Arab Tutors

Our tutors’ staff is well-trained and skillful tutors. There is no doubt that experienced and skillful teachers are the only people who can improve the competencies of the students. 

Arabic for kids Course is designed to meet your kids needs in Learning Arabic.


Why us?

  • Custom-made course to learn Arabic online for kids!
  • One-to-one class to motivate individualized Arabic E-learning.
  • Healthy and positive environment for best online Arabic learning for kids.
  • Flexible schedule 24/7 with High Quality and affordable fees.
  • Learn from anywhere and anytime, learn from your comfort.
  • Progress report tracking the performance of your kids
  • Multimedia to promote learning Arabic for kids.

Learn Arabic For Kids

In this course, you will learn:-

  • – Full Skills (Reading, Writing & Speaking).
  • – Reciting Quran beautifully.
  • – Reading Quran properly.
  • – Memorizing Quran proficiently.
  • – Speaking Arabic fluently.
  • – Understanding the Quran deeply.
  • – Mastering Arabic easily
Course Features
  • Getting certification at the end of this course
  • Learning with expert tutors in this field
  • Learn with fun as the teachers used learning games, PowerPoint, and media to make learning joyful for you
  • Utilizing the competitive learning model to improve students’ learning
  • Getting a free trial lesson
  • Customized study plans to be suitable for each student according to their levels and ages.
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Course Structure

Class Type: One-On-One

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Requirements: None

Age: 4 – 70

Arabic for Kids course is the best choice for your children to start Learning Arabic Journey. Don’t procrastinate to start now.

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