6 tips to learn Quran for kids easier

Learn Quran for kids

All people are guardians and responsible for their behaviors, words, and children. An easy way to learn Quran for kids is one of the most important things that we have to take care of learning the Quran. So,  almost of Muslim parents look forward to the easy ways to learn Quran for their children because Quran is the best book ever. Hence, instilling Quran love is the best gift you can help your children to be granted and this can happen by knowing the best ways to learn children Quran.

The following practical tips to learn your children Quran:

Learn Quran for kids
Learn Quan online from home

1- share inspirational Quranic stories with them:
Stories have an effect on our lives and various educational fields. Children love stories and they are always affected by the best and kindest characters and try to imitate them. So, sharing Quranic stories will inspire them and make a link between Quran and their hearts. A story makes learning easier, and more fun. It is also instilling the love of learning the Quran in their hearts. To achieve this, you can use a bedtime storybook, also, watching Islamic animation videos will ramp up and increase their understanding of the Quran.
It is also a great chance to increase their desire of learning the Quran by joining an Islamic studies for kids course, you can do this online.
2- Make Learning Quran fun
Children love playing all the time as playing gets them the chance to discover things. So mixed playing during classes makes learning Quran easily. It is important to teach your children Quran in a fun and interactive environment. Online Qurna classes make this option suitable as many online games are related to learning Quran and Islamic studies. This way will help them cling to an engaging and fantastic way of learning Quran.
3- Let actions speak
Practical ways are the best ways ever to learn children something. So make reciting Quran at the house with your kids an everyday habit and take this wisdom quote “Actions speak louder than words” as a lifestyle. Repeating Quran and listening to it is good to learn Quran easily. One of the easiest ways of learning Quran is to practice its surahs in groups that stimulate the competition factor in children and they will memorize Quran easily and fast.

4- positive word for kids
One of the golden ways that keep your children on track is to engage them by praising them. Positive words have their impacts on children. One of the happiest moments for children is when they feel that they are respected, loved, and appreciated. Good words for kids are a great way to lift their spirits and keep going in learning Quran.
5- Make it easy and fun
Sometimes we need to achieve and reach the highest level in the first moment, but this way of learning your kids Quran may frustrate them. You have to be patient in teaching your children Quran. What matter is to keep them going in learning Quran and remind them that the first step is the hardest one and the Quran journey is a journey of thousand miles that starts with a single step.
6- Keep your kids on the flow
Slow but steady wins the race makes this your way that makes success. Allocate a specific time each day for reciting Quran with Tajweed this will bring your kids to Islam. Quran is the first step to bringing them closer to Allah the Almighty. Just know that a few minutes of fun and interactive learning each day are enough and more effective than long hours of learning. Make learning a will of your kids.
7- Repetition shows the power of learning
One of the most vital means of learning is repetition as it is the mother of all learning because it makes Quran easy to learn. Learn Quran starting with repeating, so Start with short suras and repeat them over and over again then, you will notice a difference in their level.

Muslimoon Academy is a leading online school in instructing the Quran to the kids as we provide a large scale of courses including online Quran for kids course. This course is presented by our skillful teachers who graduated from Al-Azhar University and memorized the holy Quran. Learning Quran is necessary for all Muslims as it brings a love of Allah to our hearts. Join one of our Online Quran classes to learn Quran and memorize Quran.

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4- Quran recitation Course
If you look forward to getting multiple rewards, learn Quran because Prophet Muhammed (PbUH) said: “Whoever recites a letter from the Book of Allah, he will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a ten-fold reward. I do not say that Alif-Lam-Mim is one letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter and Mim is a letter.” [At- Tirmidhi]

This is a great reason to not hesitate to learn Quran. Make Quran the only companion you have in your life, and learn Quran in an easy and fun way.

This is a great reason to not hesitate to learn Quran. Make Quran the only companion you have in your life, and learn Quran in an easy and fun way.

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